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Piano wire strangling our necks;
We are both silenced.
This is the end of you and I. You are nothing to me now. Not even… 
2nd-Jan-2009 02:38 am
ghost ship
This is the end of you and I.

You are nothing to me now. Not even a regret. Not even alive. After this night you will be dead to me forever. Don't tell me you miss me. Don't tell me you're sorry. I don't care. I haven't honestly cared about you unless it was something for my own gain and I'm not afraid to admit that. I will tell the truth til the day I die about how fake and how much of a coward you are. You cannot be yourself because you are always trying to follow someone else. You don't know what's true to you and you cannot be true to anyone else. If living a lie is being content then you are one fucking miracle worker. I cannot wait til the day that you die so that I can stand beside your casket and tell everyone that I knew you when you were alive and you had been dead long before you stopped breathing. I will show no mercy for you at any point in either of our lives from now on. I will not talk about you, I will not think about you and I will not know you. It's useless to try and fix anything because whatever becomes healed you will just break again. Can you not be sincere for just once in your life? Go ahead, try to take anything you can away from me...I will simply walk away because you are nothing for me to waste my time on. This is the fucking end.

you thought I was fucking joking, well what's funny now?
You went searching for something sacred, you found it dead
Inside your curses die
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