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Piano wire strangling our necks;
We are both silenced.
So, here is my Summertime list that I said I would… 
27th-Feb-2009 01:33 pm

So, here is my Summertime list that I said I would finish and post and... well, I haven't finished it but I'm going to post it and probably add on to it whenever something comes to me...probably until Summer time actually does arrive and even then I'm sure I'll come up with more things to remind me of summer! :D I know some things probably wont sound familiar to you and not like a typical summer thing but...my friends and I aren't so typical :D Feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything!

bonfires with watermelon
laying on blankets in the front yard
eating dinner on the kitchen floor
tank tops
the airport spot
8 hour phone calls
jumping in stranger's pools fully clothed
sitting on cars in parking lots
late nights at Taco Bell, especially with the Akon guy
out of state road trips
nights in the backyard passing a j around
intoxicated text at 3 am
dusty celing fans
90 degrees hotel rooms
watching the stars from the driveway
sleeping in the back seat of everyone's car
curled up on the couch with my girls confessing "we're not gay" when strangers come over
unconventional sun burns and tan lines
good byes in terminals
egging random cars and houses
riding on the interstate at night blaring all of our favorite songs with all of the windows down
shirtless wrestling on the kitchen floor
day long music festivals
no pants breakfast
cigarette smoke pouring out of car windows
sleeping without any covers
the feel of freshly mowed grass underneath your feet
epic battels against bees
blowing bubbles with a 3 year old
a thousand elastic bands laying around
singing Emery at 5 am
wet wash clothes on your forehead at night
deep and meaningfuls on the tank
playing Mario for 7 hours straight
movie nights spent doing everything but watching movies
free muffins downtown
unending games of Uno
week long parties
barefeet on wet cement
getting "Can I get a ride?" phone calls
getting lost in familiar cities
doing donuts in school parking lots
ruined birthday surprises
walking through front doors at 7 am
spin the bottle with bags of sugar
making the most disgusting milkshake ever

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