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Piano wire strangling our necks;
We are both silenced.
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25th-Dec-2012 04:20 am(no subject)
ghost ship

    Stevie Wonder meaning friends, obviously.
4th-Jul-2010 01:56 am(no subject)
There is a time and place for everything. As Hongki dove out of bed and onto the floor to pick up his clothes he realized that this was not the time or the place. There it was again, the relentless knocking on the glass door that echoed from the foyer. He raced his partner to the bathroom door, where he had previously found an escape route just last week. As a quick good-bye glance was exchanged she quickly closed the door behind him and he was climbing out of the window within seconds.
This wasn't a typical night for Hongki. He didn't usually find himself sneaking out of windows and running through narrow alley ways. As he pulled his hooded shirt over his head he let out a sigh of relief. It's not that he's scared. There was no big and bad boyfriend to scare him into a corner and possibly, or...most likely, beat him black and blue..No, his reason for retreating was far more closer to the heart. He knew that on the other side of that door was not some brute, but instead, it was a tall, lean and dark headed prince. A smooth talker with real charm. It was his band mate, his best friend..or even more than that. His night time lover.

Lee Hongki had not always been this..caring, as he put it. Keeping this secret was a sign of love to him...however damaging it could be. But Choi Jonghun was more than someone to love. More than his best friend. Hongki picked up his pace and ran through the streets of Gangnam, dodging every busy passerby and made his way up the stairs of his building. He didn't have the strength to go inside... to face Seunghyun, his other band mate, who was no doubt still awake and awaiting his friends arrival. Probably sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch with that concerned look of his. Hongki knew that he would be bombarded with a million questions. Instead he steadied himself against the cold brick wall and shook his head before he sauntered off through the streets again.

Wonbin was tipping his coffee cup back and forth with his finger. Watching the liquid swish from side to side, he sighed and lifted his head up to meet the clear yet troubled reflection in the store window. He wondered to himself what trouble his best friend could have caused now. Smirking at the phone call he received just minutes earlier he knew that it had to be something good to be convinced into a cup of coffee at nearly midnight. Thinking back to a year before...this was a regular occurance... but it had since stopped...Wonbin being busy and rarley thinking about anything but his music and guitar had put a lot of distance between him and his friends. His smirk grew into a wide smile as he thought about how no matter what the case he was still called upon and still drug out of his house by pleading cries of his best friend.
He was quickly thrown out of his thoughts as the store bell rang and echoed through the silence. He was met by a familiar grin. "Hongki-ah...what is it now?" Wonbin looked down and picked up his cup with both hands before returning his gaze to Hongki's bloodshot eyes. Wonbin had wonder if he had been crying, though on the phone it didn't sound much like tears were being shed. "I can't do it anymore..." Hongki declared as he took the warm coffee offered to him. "I just can't do it." Wonbin's smile turned stiff and as he glances at the clock he shifted slightly in his chair. "I mean..." Hongki continued with a tight grip on the cup, "I can't just keep hurting people like this...right?" Wonbin nodded, "Just find another girl. You never have any trouble with that. It'll be like replacing old slippe-" before Wonbin could finish he was cut off "It's not about the girl this time Binnie." Silence suddenly engulfed the two. Hongki knew that it was a mistake to come here in the first place but where else was there for him to go? "Yah! Tell me you aren't still...involved! You know th
at's trouble... and not just for you!"
27th-Feb-2009 01:33 pm(no subject)

So, here is my Summertime list that I said I would finish and post and... well, I haven't finished it but I'm going to post it and probably add on to it whenever something comes to me...probably until Summer time actually does arrive and even then I'm sure I'll come up with more things to remind me of summer! :D I know some things probably wont sound familiar to you and not like a typical summer thing but...my friends and I aren't so typical :D Feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything!

bonfires with watermelon
laying on blankets in the front yard
eating dinner on the kitchen floor
tank tops
the airport spot
8 hour phone calls
jumping in stranger's pools fully clothed
sitting on cars in parking lots
late nights at Taco Bell, especially with the Akon guy
out of state road trips
nights in the backyard passing a j around
intoxicated text at 3 am
dusty celing fans
90 degrees hotel rooms
watching the stars from the driveway
sleeping in the back seat of everyone's car
curled up on the couch with my girls confessing "we're not gay" when strangers come over
unconventional sun burns and tan lines
good byes in terminals
egging random cars and houses
riding on the interstate at night blaring all of our favorite songs with all of the windows down
shirtless wrestling on the kitchen floor
day long music festivals
no pants breakfast
cigarette smoke pouring out of car windows
sleeping without any covers
the feel of freshly mowed grass underneath your feet
epic battels against bees
blowing bubbles with a 3 year old
a thousand elastic bands laying around
singing Emery at 5 am
wet wash clothes on your forehead at night
deep and meaningfuls on the tank
playing Mario for 7 hours straight
movie nights spent doing everything but watching movies
free muffins downtown
unending games of Uno
week long parties
barefeet on wet cement
getting "Can I get a ride?" phone calls
getting lost in familiar cities
doing donuts in school parking lots
ruined birthday surprises
walking through front doors at 7 am
spin the bottle with bags of sugar
making the most disgusting milkshake ever

2nd-Jan-2009 02:38 am(no subject)
ghost ship
This is the end of you and I.

You are nothing to me now. Not even a regret. Not even alive. After this night you will be dead to me forever. Don't tell me you miss me. Don't tell me you're sorry. I don't care. I haven't honestly cared about you unless it was something for my own gain and I'm not afraid to admit that. I will tell the truth til the day I die about how fake and how much of a coward you are. You cannot be yourself because you are always trying to follow someone else. You don't know what's true to you and you cannot be true to anyone else. If living a lie is being content then you are one fucking miracle worker. I cannot wait til the day that you die so that I can stand beside your casket and tell everyone that I knew you when you were alive and you had been dead long before you stopped breathing. I will show no mercy for you at any point in either of our lives from now on. I will not talk about you, I will not think about you and I will not know you. It's useless to try and fix anything because whatever becomes healed you will just break again. Can you not be sincere for just once in your life? Go ahead, try to take anything you can away from me...I will simply walk away because you are nothing for me to waste my time on. This is the fucking end.

you thought I was fucking joking, well what's funny now?
You went searching for something sacred, you found it dead
Inside your curses die
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